What Are Energy Blocks & The Voice of The Ego

April 26, 2024
Audio Version

When you come to see me for a Reiki session, I start by connecting to my guides, your guides and higher Source. As you lay in front of me or connect with me virtually, I work with your energy centers (chakras) to clean, clear and unblock them. Leaving you feeling an instant energetic shift and allowing you to become more connected to yourself. These blocks if not instantly, will dissipate in the few short days to come leading to so many unexpected outcomes, realizations, coincidence, and personal upgrades.

Many times, I am intuitively guided off the center line of your body and called to focus on very specific areas of your body. It can sound strange to me, but I trust the guidance. Examples of this would be to focus on your right hip, left knee, second middle two of the left foot. I can be pulled to work on a right ovary or remain longer in one area more than the other. 

When I bring this up to my clients at the end of the session, they are always blow away how I knew this was a troubled area. (I am still always blown away myself!)

There are many ways we can accumulate blocks in our lives. Here are 3 of the main ways:

  1. Traumatic Events: whether it’s a big T or a little t. Trauma is trauma in the body. And the energy you create from that event, if it’s not processed and released properly remains in the body. It gets stuck on a cellular level.
  2. Environment: who and what you surround yourself with can cause many blocks in your life. What are you absorbing, digesting, seeing, hearing. Are the people you surround yourself with lifting you up or pulling you down? Do you feel safe in your environment or in a constant threat? Your environment plays a big role in the energy blocks created in your body. 
  3. The Mind: this includes limiting beliefs, emotions, thoughts, stories. That little voice that’s always so quick to chime in and talk you out of your dreams or to step outside your comfort zone. So quick to keep you small and staying put.

This is the exact voice that is talking to you alllll day long – but you have gotten so used to its presence that you take it as truth. You take it on as your own and then create meaning around it.

This is also the same voice that is blocking you from being fully who you are.

From achieving all the things, you want and desire for yourself.

That is keeping you stuck, stagnant and still. 

Maybe some of you have not formally met this voice – you just thought it was your own – but I can assure you, it’s not.

It is your Ego. And your Ego wants to keep your safe, protected, in a box, with a pretty little ribbon so none of your messiness spills out. 

So that no one has to see any other side of you other than your smile.

So that you don’t fail or make mistakes, and that you never mess up.

But now, you have been formally introduced – and with this awareness change is on its way. 

The voice of the Soul – your true voice, wants to try everything in this world possible. 

She doesn’t care if she fails – in fact that’s exactly what she came here to do. 

She doesn’t care how she’s seen, or how she sounds.

She came here experiment, experience and excel!

To try everything once and the good things twice!  

To be free.

To see past that barrier, that block that you put up around yourself; and to see everyone as equal.

Try this meditation to discover how you can start to separate the difference between the voice of your Ego and the voice of your Soul when making any type of decision in your life. 

Ready to upgrade your energy even more?

If you’re eager to delve deeper into releasing the trapped and stagnant energy accumulated from years of negative mindsets, physical hurdles, and emotional challenges, my personalized 1:1 energy work (Reiki) delivers instant energetic shifts. Simply select your preferred duration, schedule your session, and let me handle the rest. Feel the instant energetic shift as stagnant energy dissipates, leaving you with enhanced self-esteem and a newfound openness to tackle life’s challenges head-on.