Virtual Reiki

Energy is universal. It’s non-linear. It has no bounds. Distant Reiki heals beyond time and space. Meaning, you can experience the powerful and potent benefits of Reiki from the comfort of your home or office.

We are all interconnected. Therefore, you can receive healing regardless of time and geography. Our linear, analytical mind, which sees everything as separate, often has difficulty comprehending this. Whether it’s a direct or a virtual treatment, once Reiki is activated, it flows where it’s needed. Distance does not interfere with reception.

How Does The Distance Reiki Session Work?

Virtual Reiki is potent and powerful, regardless of the duration. Often booking a shorter, concentrated session together can be more transformative and restoring, allowing you to continue with your day without setting much time aside. 

We’ll connect online, and as I do with my in-person sessions, we’ll go over where you are currently and discuss your desired expectations. Please allow an additional 10 minutes at the start of our initial session for this.

After completing the consultation, we’ll go into a grounding meditation. Then, I’ll direct the Reiki energy to positions on your body in a similar manner to the way I would if you were in my treatment room. At the end of your session, I’ll share any insights and messages I received.

Clients report the same feelings of being refreshed and relaxed after distance sessions as they do when we’re in the same room. And many can physically feel the energy moving. Some have said they felt the places I worked on.

How To Prepare For Your Session

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Allow for your space and time to be uninterrupted and cleared of all distractions.

You may want to create a supportive environment by:

  • Lighting a candle, incense, sage, or palosanto.
  • Setting an intention in the way of meditation or offering a prayer.
  • Playing non-lyrical, soothing music.
  • Having a journal nearby to jot notes.

Allow time at the end of your session to integrate everything you’ve learned and/or experienced from the session. Take a few deep breaths. Sit up slowly. Listen to your body. Rest and move accordingly.


Contact me to schedule the most convenient time for you.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please allow 24-hour notice, or you will be charged for the session.