As a new mom, stress and exhaustion pretty much summed up my day. I walked in feeling drained and hollow. But after our session, it was like I caught up on three days’ worth of sleep! Elle pinpointed my blocked energy centers and then explained in detail how they are influencing me. Leaving me with a better understanding of how to care for not just my new baby but also myself.


I had been overwhelmed and stressed by a situation that had been consuming me for a while. I came to see Elle for stress release but what I got was a new perspective and a total energetic shift.


During our first meeting, I was struggling with the loss of a miscarriage just days before. Without my mentioning it, Elle intuitively invested additional time clearing energy around my left ovary. Post-session, she remarked on its heaviness and blockage, sharing that she felt guided to focus on that area. I was truly amazed. Two months later, I discovered I was pregnant, and I wholeheartedly credit these positive, energetic shifts to Elle’s remarkable ability to share her gift.