What Is Live Amala?

September 1, 2020
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Defining Your Amala.

Definition: Sanskrit word for pure.

The paths to authentic beauty and wellness, which are intimately connected, must take place on three levels simultaneously – in the mind, body, and soul. 

Living AMALA is a pursuit – a constant work in progress as you sift through the various aspects of your life.

Life comes with waves of change where you can ask yourself, “How can I make this moment pure” or “How can I purify this situation.” Each moment can be an opportunity for introspection. 

Look inward and ask if this is bringing you closer to the best version of you or further away. And know that the answer is different for each person. What is pure for you may not be pure for others.

Eckart Tolle so wisely said, “If humans clear inner pollution then they will also cease to create outer pollution. Taking responsibility for your inner and outer space brings you closer to who you are.”

Start small. Implement one area of your life to purify at a time. You could begin with your closet, your home, or your office. When your outer space is pure, move deeper. 

  • Can you purify your eating habits? 
  • What are you digesting mentally and visually? 
  • See if you can purify relationships.
  • Look within to purify your relationship with yourself. 

Many who know me, know I am extremely organized and love a clean clutter free space. If I don’t need it, its gone.

But I do it with intention. 

If something no longer serves a purpose in my life, I toss it, donate it, or pass it onto friends/ family who will benefit. 

When we continue to build a collection of things we no longer use, it takes up space. That space takes up energy. Energy that is blocking new things to enter around you. 

By purifying areas of your life, you will notice right away you feel energetically lighter. Shortly after you will notice how new people, opportunities, ideas, increased motivation or creativity show up.

The less in our way the easier it is to hear your institution and wisdom. Eliminating the distractions brings you closer to that deeper knowing inside of you. 

What The Pursuit Of Living AMALA Means For You…

Living pure is living free from judgement – judgement of others and judgement for self. AMALA is as individual as you are.

  • Eliminate congestion, contaminants, toxins, chemicals, bad attitudes, negative energy, poisonous people and relationships, harmful environments, dangerous behaviours, and damaging self-esteem. 
  • Continuous pursuit of the best possible ideals to fuel your mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Surround yourself with positive people, digesting accurate and healthy information, nurturing your body with nutritious foods, and create safe spaces.
  • Embrace your originality as you create more room for joy, happiness, fulfilment, connection, and love in your life.

When you are living AMALA – pure – you come to know the purity of who you are. You discover the beauty of your being.