Ground, Clear, & Protect Your Energy

April 9, 2024
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When we can’t see something it makes it hard to pin down and explain. 

This is the case with energy. Energy is so personal, it’s always changing, it can be described in many ways depending on your own personal beliefs and background.

But like love, you can’t technically see it, but you can feel it when it’s there or when it’s broken. 

🖐🏻 Raise your hand if you believe we are all made up of energy.

🖐🏻 Raise your hand if you have ever experienced a situation where when you met someone, instantly you felt calm or alarmed? 

🖐🏻 Raise your hand if you have ever entered a room and felt something wasn’t right or it felt very blah?

🖐🏻 Raise your hand if you think we can move energy?

I’ll give you a hint, we can by…





Working out etc. 

🖐🏻 Raise your hand if you believe in the power of an intention? If you think it, you can create it?

Energy work (Reiki) is doing just that. Using powerful intentions to move energy out of and around your body. 

We all know what it feels like to feel stuck, blocked, and stagnant and we all have felt a sense of being in flow and rhythm. In my practice, I work with energy blocks and the restoration of energetic integrity. 

Here are three ways you can become attuned to your energy and shift it instantly: 

  1. Notice what happens in the presence of others. Do you expand or contract? Take a quick inventory of your body and breath. With this awareness you can start to protect your energy when engaging with the people you feel more of a contraction with.
  2. Thoughts are energy. Start your day with a solid intention and give yourself permission to release whatever thoughts are not serving you just for the day. This is your first thought of the day, make it count.
  3. Move your body! Whether it’s a gentle stretch, HIIT, Pilates or a five minute dance party in your kitchen with your kids – you can instantly shift your energy by moving your body. Because all energy is – is energy in motion. Bonus points if you set an intention to release xyz before you start! 

Not sure how to protect your energy? Click here to receive my GROUND, CLEAR, AND PROTECT MEDITATION. I will send it right to your inbox it’s a super simple 5 minute practice that has transformed my life. I do this at the start of every single day to get my energy in check. I also use this if I am going into an important meeting, travelling, and visiting in-laws! I’d love to hear how this sets the tone for your day and all interactions too.